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Remington 700 XCR II .300 WIN MAG 24”


The most durable hunting rifle ever built. Featuring the TriNyte Corrosion Control System, the Model 700 XCR stretched the previous durability limits of stainless steel. The Model 700 XCR II is redefining its looks as well. The stainless steel barrel and receiver are now coated with matte black TriNyte for a more classic look with less glare for superior stealth. It's every bit as impervious to extreme conditions, with the same proven track record in accelerated saltwater testing that opened the world's eyes to the power of our patented technology. Simply put, TriNyte delivers scratch and corrosion resistance dramatically superior to standard stainless steel as well any protective coating by any other manufacturer. .300 WIN MAG, 24" barrel, 3+1 round capacity with a hinged floor plate.