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Molt Gear The Goose Society Volume II Instructional DVD


Join 3 Time World Live Goose Calling Champion Scott Threinen and the Molt Gear Team as they take an inside look in Decoy Spread Fundamentals in the Goose Society 2 DVD. Learn about weather, geese, human tendencies, breaking down a field and much more on what affects day in and day out decoy spreads. Each hunt is also broken down so you can learn the set ups, calling, flagging, concealment and what goes into making a hunt successful in all situations. Watch hunts on sunny days, cloudy days, windy days, no wind days, in flat fields, hilly fields, on the X, running traffic and north to south. Also see hunts take place in some of the worst conditions possible, 40 plus inches of snow, and get to see a sneak preview into a new product release coming soon from Molt Gear. Its all about the goose, its the Goose Society 2 DVD!