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Molt Gear Q -AX Duck Call Monster


The Q-AX Single Reed Duck call was designed to do one thing, sound like a mallard hen! The Q-AX is full of one of a kind features from top to bottom. First, the heavy walled barrel provides for that deep, full sounding boss hen to grab attention. Then the thin walled insert allows the call to be versatile in tone and range. The slough gut system each one is tuned up with allows the call to perform at its peak for a lifetime. The slough gut system come with moisture grooves and comes with a machine milled delrin wedge for non sticking to the reed, where as normal cork or rubber wedges wear out fast. Also included and NEW for this year is the Molded Q-AX D Single Reed, all the same features as the acrylic and comes with the slough gut system. When it comes to sounding like a boss hen, the Q-AX is the answer, winner of over 30 meat contest the last two years and is the 2 Time World Live Duck runner up!

Sale Price $43.50

Regular Price: $144.99