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Molt Gear Magic Mike Goose Flag System


MFR #: MG800 Finally. A SIMPLE, EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE way to take the attention off your hide. The new Magic Mike Flag System (MMFS) was designed and Field tested for 3 years to ensure we accomplished just that. First, SIMPLE. The MMFS comes with everything you need: frame, string, flag, set up literally takes seconds. No charging batteries to hope they work in harsh conditions, no running a trap line back to your blind. Push the frame in, run the string back, EASY! SECOND, EFFICIENT: with just the slightest pull, you create lifelike movement up to 40 yards away, and you can do it when you want for perfect timing on a approaching flock. Minimal movement equals big results. THIRD, EFFECTIVE: run the MMFS up to 40 yards away to get movement off your hide. Movement creates attention, and anytime you can get the attention off you, you are ahead of the game!