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GHG FFD Elite Honker Harvester Full Body Goose Decoy Pack of 6


MFR #: 71577 Hunting hard every day of the season is the ultimate test of equipment. Greenhead Gear Decoys has studied Canada geese extensively to create the most realistic decoy ever manufactured that is also top notch in durability. These decoys will be the last you will ever need to draw Canadas in close. Flocked bodies and heads featuring a perma-loc connection combined with a pliable and rugged body means a durable decoy for generations of hunters to come. Extremely realistic feather details, fully body flocking schemes eliminate Òshine flaringÓ and will fool even the weariest of birds. With the added benefit of the RealMotion II system, the decoys will not only look real, but they will move like they are alive. Kill more geese this year with the GHG FFD Elite Honkers.